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Lost In Dreams

23 July 1985
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311, a perfect circle, angst, animal rights, animals, art, bacardi, bass, being alone, being confused, biking, books, cake, camping, canada, canoeing, chuck palahniuk, climbing, coen brothers, comics, cookies, cuddles, david fincher, dawn of the dead, dazed and confused, death, depression, documentaries, donnie darko, dragons, drawing, drinking, driving, drums, england, evil, evil dead, eyes, fairly odd parents, fall, fight club, film, final fantasy, finger 11, fire, foo fighters, foreign films, foreign movies, fredericton, garfield, george a. romero, good, green day, guitar, hitchiking, homestarrunner, ice cream, incense, indiana jones, insomnia, ireland, japan, kevin smith, kissing, kyaking, life, limon, live music, love, lyrics, memento, metroid, mix cds, mix tapes, moogles, moons, movies, msn, music, nature, nes, new brunswick, ninja turtles, nissan 300zx, ottawa, paintball, pearl jam, pets, photography, piercing, piercings, poetry, ps2, pulp fiction, punk music, punk shows, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rain, reading, red hot chili peppers, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, rivers, romance, run lola run, rx7, sadness, saint john, sam raimi, scarface, scotland, sex, singing, sleeping, snes, snowflakes, somber, sound, soundtracks, spider-man, stars, steven spielberg, stiff little fingers, strong bad, summer, sunrises, sunsets, swimming, tales, tattoos, the matrix, theatre, tool, uk, vgcats, video games, vocals, walking, water, winamp, woods, writing, writing lyrics, xbox, zooms