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Korea [Oct. 1st, 2010|09:24 pm]
So I'm living in South Korea. Working as an English teacher. It's pretty solid. Here are pictures! Piiiiiictures. Love them or fuck you.

From the top of Surisan

It's me.


Gunpo. The city I live in.

I turned 25 here.

Heather enjoys my blowin' skills. They are mad indeed.

Butchering songs.

The town at night.

I'm much more awesome than yooooouuu.

Life here is pretty good. I like it here and I'm living as best I can. I'm moving apartments this week. It's supposed to be nicer than the one I'm in, but about the same size. It's on the 17th floor of a building downtown.  17th floor? Man.

[User Picture]From: little_oblivion
2010-10-02 05:49 pm (UTC)
Cindy likes this :)
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